Your lips to God’s ear, Peppermint. I have to say, Faith’s smile at the end there is a bit unsettling… anyway, only too 10 years, but we FINALLY completed chapter THREE!!!! On to Chapter 4 where things REALLY start to get ridiculously hilarious, or… hilariously ridiculous! It doesn’t even matter! XD BlackWalker80 will be doing the lines, and Verias will be doing the colors. Speaking of, this page is one of my rare stabs at doing some of the work. I did the flats, most of the shades and started the highlights, but hit a moment of despair and brought Verias in to work his magic. I think it came out nice. The backgrounds are 100% me, though. I’m pretty proud of my emulated techniques. Apparently I learned something from all these years of observing. WHO KNEW?

Buckle up, kids. It’s about to get batshit crazy around here.