Truth discovers the awful truth *cough* about Scar’s failed formal training in being a monk of T’Londra, the Sex Goddess and patron deity of the majority of D’Gaerians. One of the side-effects of his power release is that he needs somewhere to channel it. Sexual stimulation results in him being a lightning rod for these energies. When properly applied, the results can be quite… pleasurable. However, Scar was never taught control. So now Truth has to “take one for the team” to prevent Scar from doing something despicable that he will regret and Peppermint will never forgive. Kinda reveals some important details about Truth. At the very least, he’s willing to take ownership of his myopia.

On a brighter note: Oshigan is now OFFICIALLY our artist after yet another laborious search. Fallon returns on colors… but I must warn! I cannot keep paying them indefinitely unless we get some serious help on the Patreon. As it stands right now, we are BELOW the water line for Ship in a Bottle’s usual 2x per week updates by SIXTY DOLLARS. If you ALSO want Peppermint Saga like this for more than a MONTH, we desperately need help getting to $520. That’s the magic number that will keep you all in the Pink (and out of the stink!). If we land that, Ship in a Bottle remains at 2x per week and Peppermint Saga remains at 1x per week without interruption! Let’s go get that extra $180 in there so everyone can be flush with their favorite manga-inspired porno comics and I can avoid developing skin cancer of the face holding a sign out by the I-10!