Looks like we are almost to the 100th Page of Peppermint Saga. This week marks page 98, so in 2 weeks, we shall have met a pretty significant milestone. Sadly, I’ve been working on this thing since 2007. I feel like I should have been a lot farther. But, life priorities and all that. Those that have been here since the start, you have my eternal gratitude. We passed the 10th Anniversary not that long ago (September 8, if I am not mistaken), and there was no time for fanfare. This series is pretty great. But it seems the zany antics of BGR and the über “kawaiiness” of Ship in a Bottle prevails at the end of the day. Looks like I’ll be doing updates here on Tuesdays for a while. I still have a backlog of pages that were completed late last year that need colors, so as soon as I am done with Frilly Pink’s page for this week, I’ll get on that so we have no further interruptions.