About Peppermint Saga

Peppermint Saga takes place on the distant planet D’Gaeriya, a Earth-type planet with two moons and three indigenous species: the elf-like D’Gaeriyans, who are the closest analogs to human beings, albeit with pointed ears and bronze colored skin; The Dragonish (named by human visitors), who are bipedal humanoids who, like their namesake resemble dragons; and finally, the Felinians, who as you may have guessed are bipedal felines. Currently, the planet of D’Gaeriya is ruled by the Dragonish leader “Lord Slag” who, like all Dragonish can mysteriously morph into a large beast that closely resembles the very Earth dragon fables the humans named them after.

It is important to note that this is a Sci-Fantasy, where the awesome power of science clashes frequently with the mystical power of magic. As a result, there are many physics defying feats conducted on a regular basis, as well as Demi-Gods, dimensional travel, and visitation from other interstellar nations. It’s a very “kitchen sink” epic.

Oh yeah… it’s also porn, with most of the story arcs revolving around sex and various fetishes that amuse the artist/creator. *sweatdrop*

About Blue-Gray Rhapsody

Blue-Gray Rhapsody gets its name as a homage to Project: A-ko – Blue Side and Gray Side. These were “gaiden” or “side-stories” to the canonical Project: A-ko series of movies. And in that same sense, BGR is “gaiden” to the canonical Peppermint Saga series. BGR takes place in an alternate reality where Peppermint is a princess and her homeworld is part of the Interstellar Consortium. Basically, she tools around the galaxy in her custom spaceship seeking the greatest treasures in the known universe. While it is common to see “canon” Peppermint Saga characters in BGR, they will be drastically different than their main series counterparts based on the differences between the two realities. Another facet of this series is that it was originally conceived as a showcase where I could work with other artists in various “non-canon” crossovers. These stories would have no lasting impact on either the Peppermint Saga universe or their own. (unless they want to integrate it into their character’s bio, but that is a personal choice. I leave that up to each artist.) In that same vein, this series is far more whimsical and follows no long-term plan.*

Cast and Guest Characters/People of Interest

Peppermint is a wandering swordswoman for hire. Her specific place of origin is a mystery as she covers up her clan marking (while not illegal, it is highly unusual for D’Gaeriyans). She is wandering the countryside attempting to earn an honest living doing what she does best: hacking and slashing monsters and evildoers into pulp. In tabletop roleplay terms, her alignment is “lawful neutral” as she can be persuaded to do raids for the right price, although she prefers “sword for hire” to “mercenary”. Her cup size is “B”, but she is most proud of her exceptionally well formed posterior.
The only thing that rivals Truth’s knowledge and power is his ego and perversion. He has an insatiable sexual appetite for a ghost/disembodied spirit. True to his namesake, he always tells exclusively the truth, however, it is frequently from a “tells is as I sees it” standpoint and is peppered with no less than 50% sarcastic wit on a good day. Much hilarity ensues. Over 1000 years ago, Truth imbued a sword with his Esper powers of the mind and helped a band of ragtag heroes defeat a great evil. Ever since then, he’s lived in a veritable lap of luxury… that is until the unfortunate demise of local Guardian, Lady Hildebrand under *cough* dubious circumstances. Since that time, he’s been cooling his ethereal heels in the Mistress’ castle waiting for a new owner that can handle his perversion, sexual appetite and peculiar proclivities.