Mace here, reminding you that, even though I seem to spend almost all of my time these days at Ship in a Bottle, this comic is not dead. how not dead is it, you ask? So not dead, I just hired a colorist to work with me on the revival of the series. That’s how “not dead” we are! I need to put more eyes on my Patreon and bring in more revenue to cover the cost of this. One thing that is NOT changing is that I am not stopping as artist. I’m still doing that. In many ways, this series is still my pride-and-joy, and as I said back in April, I still have no desire to redo any of what came before. Which is rare these days for me. I kept getting myself stuck and wanting a do-over. Peppermint Saga just makes sense. And now that BGR is becoming more and more successful, I need to get back on the horse and ride like the wind, because we are introducing characters and plotlines there that have callbacks to things we have YET TO DO here! So, keep an eye on this spot. Things are about to get going, and I mean QUICK.

Over and out.