And SURPRISE! I got Peppermint’s clothes off a LOT faster than I had originally planned! When I “redesigned” my characters to streamline them a bit, I also decided that I was going to change some of the rules of the Peppermint Saga universe. Had I not decided to tell you this right now, this “early” in the story, you’d never have known.

Prior to this update, I had planned on making Peppermint Saga a STRICT Sci-Fantasy series in that there was no Gods, Godesses, Demi-Gods, Magic, etc. Just “Espers” who were psichics who took the place of Magic users. Well, fuck that bullshit. We now have *BOTH*, and I gave Truth a “golem” form. (he can absorb matter from his surroundings to make a real, fleshy body for himself. So one of his powers is the ability to re-arrange matter.) There is also one more important change: Pep Saga is not going to be “Seinfeld with sex on a strange planet.” No no… now we have something that resembles an epic story in the works. It’s still “episodic”, but all of the episodes are leading up to a Lord of the Ring’s-esque Fantasy Epic Adventure™.