Holy shit! Turns out dragons have smokin’ hot human forms… and this one is a petite lady with badonkadonk for days!

Crude assessment aside, I have to say: this is quite possibly the best looking page of Peppermint Saga ever made across the two series. Oshigan and I spent a lot of time on designing Ember as she is a new addition tot he cast and pivotal to the plot. so not only did we want to make her drop-dead gorgeous, but very, very distinctive. Then we get to Fallon’s colors… holy moly! She busted out ALL the stops. Naturally, she got a extra bump for this week’s page. Now… this kinda sorta brings us up to speed. I’m waiting for pages 7 and 8, and then we will really be up-to-date (and apologies for the delays, I’ve been… up to stuff).

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