So, Peppermint finally gets to the point of this hentai, cartoon porn storyline. What? You thought I was going to ABANDON the plot? Pffft. It appears the guy has a problem only she can take care of. (hey, buddy, they got a pill for that, y’know…) but as we can see, Mint has no patience for hentai bullshit exposition.

Also, before anyone says it: IT’S NOT A DOOBIE. It’s a hand-rolled cigarette. ;p

Also, if you are new to our little fiasco of hentai proportions, I’d like to offer a warm welcome. I am striving for WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY for updates around here, if possible. I am working on one other hentai, cartoon porn gig for an actual company, as well as bringing you the ecchi, magical girl, fantasy webcomic, Ship in a Bottle. So the update days can sometimes be jumbled. However, the reason I took out an expensive, short-term ad is because I am very serious about getting through this hentai, cartoon porn storyline and moving into new territory of hentai debauchery. So, stay tuned!