And there you have it. Even an all powerful esper in a golem body can’t stand up to the might of Mint’s taut vaginal muscles.

In other news: what the fuck is this??? Two updates in one week (sorta)?! That’s right, folks. We’re doing two. And I’m gonna do this as long as I can, or until I run out of script… whichever comes first!

Which means: I am revitalizing “The Official Peppermint Saga Challenge” as detailed on the vote incentive on Buzz. Now, I’ve learned from past mistakes about painting myself into a corner. *IF* we are successful, and readership skyrockets, I *WILL* update 3x a week, instead of just Thurs/Sat and Tuesday blog. Additionally, (and this is very important) I am not necessarily committing to Thurs/Sat as the specific update days. This means I could be “late” like today, so TECHNICALLY, for some of you, it’s already Sunday. All I can say is that I will find some way to keep delivering this quality or better 2x a week for now, and 3x if the challenge is met (and maintained).

Also, and this is fairly important too: please vote and favorite us on WebcomicZ, The Webcomic List, and Frumph.Net. Those sites are more heavily weighted on favorites, and not necessarily votes (but those are important, too). And if I am going to take 36 hours out of each week to produce these comics, then I am in dire need of your assistance. As always, it’s strictly voluntary, but you would basically help me to help you… get your fix of my comic each week.

Think it over when you get the time.