Ok, so those of you still around know that, in the past, I have talked about updates and wanting to do this and that with the comic. But over the past 5 years, I’ve been… a tad negligent. I’ve been reluctant this time out to commit to a day for updates because, even though I have made two updates so far this year, they were not on the same day of the week. But, I think I’m going to change all that. Going forward, Peppermint Saga will update on Friday, and that’s just the way it will be. We have 17 pages left in “The Chains of Chastity”, and I am scripted WELL ahead in this series unlike so many of my others. So until I run out of that, writing will never be my excuse for lack of updates. Other than that, I forgot to mention that I uploaded a bunch of stuff into the Bonus gallery in terms of artwork I have done, but not widely publicized over the years. So, hopefully, that will give everyone an excuse to check things out. 🙂