I decided to run the BGR side concept as “interludes” between major events in the “canon” series. As such, the subdomain is gone, entirely. I am also going to talk to Jamie about possibly running “Nocturne in Moonlight” concurrently on LovexCore since the story is tangential to her Rose Slayer: Lavender Legend Alternate works concept. Peppermint meets with Vampire Lavender on some remote location and sexy fun ensues. Nevermind the more sinister angle of the story. It’s good, clean, porny fun in the end. 😉

However, that also means, in a way, Peppermint Saga is BACK! I’m not sure how many of you were here before, but this is a major site overhaul. And I am probably going to redo the header at some point to make it more… uniquely mine. Until then, enjoy this slightly “new to some of you” BGR interlude, and hopefully, we will be able to continue when this is all over. *thumbs up*