Ship in a Bottle Patreon extravaganza!

So, here’s what’s going on (in case there are still folks lurking here who haven’t joined up at Ship in a Bottle): to hire Prettío full-time to draw and color Ship in a Bottle, we began a Patreon. But here’s the part that may be of interest to Peppermint Saga fans: I am offering up my body (figuratively) and the name of Peppermint Saga to try and spur activity on the Patreon. You see, one of the monthly reward tiers involves me commissioning other artists to draw bonus comics and the like for which Prettío may not have time to keep up with. But also, I plan to add my own artistic skills (such as they are) to sweeten the deal. In short, I will be offering one-off pinups and single panel gag smut the way I used to in the old days as part of our incentive program. So please consider helping us out as it will allow you to get a new Peppermint Saga fix sooner rather than later. I’d certainly appreciate it.