Long time no see! I’m working on fixing that little problem. Did you know that Pink Panties Productions (the label I operate my whole smut empire under) has a Patreon page? That’s a big no shit, sir! It’s right here! For a while now, I’ve resisted putting up the link here because I didn’t want to attract attention away from Ship in a Bottle. But now I want ALL of my comics updating, DAMMIT! And that means additional sacrifices must be made. With that in mind, I am hiring an artist to draw the pages, which I will color. *IF* we get HIGH enough into the stratosphere… I will ALSO bring in Fallon again to COLOr said new artist’s pages to ensure quality. But for the short term, I will be coloring those pages.

Anyway, that’s the big news. Artist is selected, and I will float the first month of updates on my credit card, but after that, I very much need your support. The GOOD news is, I only need to nudge the bar another $100 to keep things rolling on the Patreon. We currently sit at about $399 and we only need $500 total to add Peppermint Saga to the mix permanently. I hope you all will consider joining the madness.