That’s right, kids. Your favorite, poorly-drawn smut-porn, sci-fantasy epic is returning SATURDAY! I finally got the gumption to get a new page rolling, and while it continues the talky part of the previous scene, it’s still pretty decent, methinks. This (hopefully) will be the beginning of a new wave of updates finally brining “The Chains of Chastity” to a close. Now, I know at one point I was talking rumors of bringing in a new artist, but due to financial reasons, I can’t even begin to contemplate doing that at this time. And that’s a shame, because I was going to try and work again with Prettio, who did some fucking A-MAZING work on Ship in a Bottle about a year-and-a-half ago. But, C’est la vie. I know that I will be able to work with her again in the future. In the meantime, you will see a renewed effort on my part to keep this thing up to date in a proper fashion, because I have some story arcs coming up that will have you laughing your ass off as you polish your knob.

The second matter regards Blue-Gray Rhapsody/BGR, and that is that I have decided that, aside from one arc which is tied directly to the main Peppermint Saga plot, BGR will be a flagship title, along with Ship in a Bottle bonuses and side-arcs in a paysite that we will be developing at an undisclosed, later date. The truth of the matter is that I have not been able to find enough enthusiasm for crossover events to warrant keeping BGR in its original format and “delivery schedule”. So, enjoy what I have given for free as I will not be taking that away. And thanks to the two great artists who added some color to that side of the Peppermint Saga “franchise”.

Last, but certainly not least: I am re-opening bonus “panels”. For each $25 earned via the ChipIn widget on the right, I will add a new “bonus” panel in the same vein as the “It’s Not What You Think!” piece I made back in 2010. I figure this is an easy enough goal and a reasonable incentive to get folks to help me with my MASSIVE debt. Earned bonuses will be found in the “Extras” gallery above.

That’s all for now!