Hey All!

I can imagine if not too many folks are still checking this place out. Like with my “legitimate” comics, such as Starship Moonhawk and The Lavenders, updates tend to be “unreliable” at best. I am working towards a method for changing that. My first goal is to complete “The Chains of Chastity” on my own. Then, I am very strongly considering hiring an artist to take over the series. If for no other reason than I’d really like to get back to Starship Moonhawk. Book sales have been flagging because I have no way to re-direct fans to it for sales because the webcomic has been so horrifyingly neglected over the past 13 years. I’d love to do them all. But I’ve just had to accept the fact that I can do at most one, in addition to my work for DarkBrain, and that’s pretty much it.

So, keep an eye on this spot for just a little bit longer. I hope to have something new for you very, very soon.